Miniature pig

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Using the conventional pig model for medical device testing and pharmaceutical validation has one large drawback: these animals can weigh up to 250 kilos and that makes them difficult to handle and raises maintenance costs.

Here at Specipig, in collaboration with the IRTA and Semen Cardona, we are developing our own genetic breed of SPF miniature pigs, under the brand Specipig®. Even when fully grown, these pigs will weigh no more than 35 kilos.

Our value added over other companies that breed and market miniature pigs lies in the fact that our animal model is genetically bred at a much lower cost, with local service and fully equipped facilities open to companies and institutes to conduct research.


  • Easier to handle: fully grown adult weighs approx. 35 kg (compared to 200 kg for a conventional pig)
  • Lower purchase price
  • Lower feed costs
  • Lower drug costs
  • Physiological and physical similarity to human beings

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