New Specipig preterm model for preclinical studies in neonatology


Specipig has developed a preterm swine model suitable for preclinical studies on new treatments for diseases with unmet medical needs and testing medical devices in neonatology. With this preterm model, the Contract Research Organisation (CRO) now has over 20 pig models for nine medical and surgical specialisations.

Pigs are a highly valued model in the scientific community, both in academia and the biopharmaceutical industry and hospital arena. This is because of their similarity to humans in organ anatomy and physiological and physiopathological responses,” notes Esther Jorge, head of Services and Research Unit at Specipig.

Over 20 pig models for nine medical and surgical specialisations

This year, Specipig, which is already present in 14 countries, has also launched a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at its research facilities in Barcelona.

Assela Bosch, Business Development Manager of Specipig, explains that “with the new preterm model, the NICU and a team of surgeons and technicians specialised in neonatology and paediatrics, we would like to contribute to accelerate preclinical research on therapeutic solutions that will improve the health of premature and low-birth weight infants.”

Specipig is a signatory to the Transparency Agreement on Animal Research of the Confederation of Spanish Scientific Societies (COSCE) and the European Animal Research Association (EARA), has Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) certification from the Government of Catalonia and implements a rigorous internal procedure on animal health status and wellbeing.

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