We participate at BIO 2015 in the United States

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June 20, 2015

Specipig has just been to BIO Philadelphia 2015, the most important biotechnology fair in the world, with a booth in the BioRegion of Catalonia pavilion coordinated by Biocat from 15 to 18 June.

The Catalan company got the chance to spread the word about their biomedical research services specialising in the model pig for companies and research centres.

They also promoted the new genetic strain of miniature pigs  the company is developing. “We offer mini pigs of a high healthcare standard, with local service at a lower price,” explains Jaume Amat, CEO of Specipig. Only one company currently provides this animal model at a price of approximately 1,420 euros. Specipig aims to sell its specimens for roughly 500 euros each.

BIO 2015 attracted top executives and decision-makers from more than 1,200 companies, including multinational biopharmaceutical corporations and growing, innovative companies.

Photo: Begoña Ondiviela, Business Development Manager of Specipig at BIO 2015 - © Specipig