Pig as an animal model

Pigs are a good animal model for research into new treatments for diseases and for preclinical validation of medical and surgical devices. Over the past decades, they have been used more and more, attracting the interest of scientists around the world.

Why the swine model and not another?

  • Physiological and physical similarity to human beings
  • Easy to handle (behaviour)
  • Good models available for specific pathologies
  • Good knowledge of the animal
  • More socially acceptable than other animal models

They are mainly used in the following areas of biomedicine:

  • Pharmacology: pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, proof of concept (POC), toxicology studies and animal models of disease
  • Surgery: to study new surgical techniques, minimally invasive surgical techniques, transplants or surgical robotics
  • Medical device testing
  • Food: developing new functional foods¬†