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Specipig can give services in in-vivo studies involving:

  • Drug development (efficacy studies, PoC, PK or TK)
  • Tissue regeneration, new biomaterials, stem cells or medical devices (efficacy studies, PoC, toxicity, biocompatibility...) 

In the few years Specipig has been operating the following projects have been developed with the pig model:




  • pK studies
  • Acute, subacute, subchronic and chronic TK studies
  • ​Skin tolerance trials
  • ​Metabolic efficacy studies
  • Vascular anti-thrombus efficacy study
  • Neonatal parenteral nutrition study

Tissue regeneration

  • Skin wound regeneration
  • ​Macula regeneration
  • ​Bone regeneration

Disease models

  • Macula degeneration model
  • ​Skin wound model
  • Hypercholesterolemia model
  • Tracheostomy model
  • Swallowing test model
  • Vascular graft model
  • Vascular thrombus model

Medical device

  • ISO 10993 studies
  • ​Biocompatibility studies
  • ​Proof of concept studies
  • ​Urinary sphincters
  • ​Coronary stents
  • ​Dental bone regeneration
  • ​Dental implants
  • ​3D Skull bone implant
  • ​Brain implants
  • ​Tracheal stent
  • ​Laryngeal device
  • ​Vascular graft
  • ​Organ transplant preservation liquid 
  • ​Surgical robot
  • ​Ophthalmic implants
  • SC skin implants
  • Skin efficacy and safety studies