Research and Innovation

We put at your disposal a highly experienced team to develop a specific model for your product development. Given that, we are able to develop, thanks to the team of expert and surgeons, a great variety of surgical models in many different systems and organs. In addition, can run the most sophisticated surgical techniques and procedures.

We also develop induced models customized to the sponsor’s needs.

Some of the models developed at Specipig include:

  • Research and Development of new disease pig models
  • Customization of new disease or surgical pig models
Eyes – Ophthalmology
  • Macular degeneration model
  • Blindness induction model
Skin - Dermatology
  • Wound healing model
  • Wound challenge model
  • Impaired healing wound model
  • Skin burn model
  • Full and partial wound healing model
  • Renal transplant model
  • Partial or total nephrectomy model
  • LPS sepsis model
  • Acute clinical sepsis model
  • Acute subclinical sepsis model
Neonate - Preterm
  • Preterm UCI necrotic enterocolitis (NEC) model
  • Implant model
  • Dental bone regeneration
Specipig has signed an agreement with Zircon Medical, Swiss-based ceramic implant manufacturer made up of a...

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