• Specipig miniature pig in metabolic disease insulin independent SC administration PK study
  • A Swine Model of Selective Geographic Atrophy of Outer Retinal Layers Mimicking Atrophic AMD: A Phase I Escalating Dose of Subretinal Sodium Iodate
  • Establishment of a reproducible and minimally invasive ischemic stroke model in swine
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Dr Roland Glauser

“Excellent experience and management of the pig surgery”



Roland Glauser

Expert dental surgeon, MD

For more than 25 years, Dr. Glauser personifies a continuous passion for clinical excellence. And by using latest state-of-the-art medical technology, treatment results are optimal. It’s what you expect nowadays from a worldclass healthcare provider.

Beside regular check-ups, a full range of all possible dental care is offered: from simple and advanced treatments to complex synoptic oral rehabilitations.

In fact, everytime you join my clinic everyone of my team is committed to just one thing: your well-being. That is superior Swiss Quality Dental Care – since 1991.

Specipig projects

Dental Implant Research

Zircon selects Specipig for the preclinical development of Y-TZP Zirconia implant solution

Areas of expertise

• Oral Rehabilitation
• Biomechanics
• Fixed Prosthodontics
• Dental Materials

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Dr Glauser