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Geert van Almen

“With the data and results generated by Specipig we once again have made an important step in the development of a very effective treatment for (peritoneally) metastasized colorectal and ovarian cancer. We are on route to give patients an improved outlook for a potential cure.”


Geert Van Almen

CEO & Co-Founder of UPyTher

Geert is trained as a Health Scientist and holds a PhD in molecular and cellular cardiovascular biology from Maastricht University. His postdoc in supramolecular biomaterials at the Eindhoven University of Technology led him into the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. As a project manager Geert is responsible for the alignement of the research and communication activities within all interdisciplinary projects. Geert acts as a contact person between the DankersLab and partners from academia and industry. Furthermore he is involved in the early identification of results with potential clinical value and designing the road map towards valorisation and clinical translation of the research activities in the DankersLab.

Areas of expertise

• Molecular and cellular cardiovascular biology
• Supramolecular biomaterials
• Tissue engineering
• Regenerative medicine

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