UPyTher selects Specipig for the development of their custom drug delivery solution


Specipig has signed an agreement with UPyTher, a Netherlands-based company specialised in the development of custom drug delivery solutions, for the preclinical studies of an innovative therapy for peritoneal cancer that allows local continuous drug exposure to improve efficacy, patient recovery and survival.

Founded in 2013, Specipig has extensive experience in supporting the biomedical industry as they advance their therapies and medical devices through the preclinical development and regulatory submission process.

upyther preclinical research

“We are pleased to have partnered with UPyTher as a spin-off from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Its lead solution will revolutionise the treatment of peritoneal cancer, which is one of the deadliest cancers and affects hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide”, says Assela Bosch, Head of Commercial & Business Development at Specipig.

“Specipig clearly understood our needs and customised the whole project to what we required for the development of our technology. We have made big steps forward with the project thanks to this collaboration and the involvement of Specipig’s team”, comments Peter-Paul Fransen, Managing Director and Co-Founder of UPyTher.

“With the data and results generated by Specipig we once again have made an important step in the development of a very effective treatment for peritoneal metastasized colorectal and ovarian cancer. We are on route to give patients an improved outlook for a potential cure”, remarks Geert van Almen, CEO & Co-Founder of UPyTher.

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